To enrol your child in a Victorian government school you will need to fill out an enrolment form and provide the school with important information about your child, including:

  • evidence of your child's date of birth (if they were not born in Australia, a passport or travel document such as a visa)
  • your contact, phone and address details, and that of any other parent, guardian and/or carer
  • names and contact details of emergency contacts
  • doctor's and dentist's names and phone numbers
  • Immunisation Status Certificate
  • health and welfare information
  • information about the language/s your child speaks and hears at home


If you would like to enrol your child at Sydenham-Hillside Primary School you may do so by visiting the administration office at either campus, or alternatively by phoning Sydenham Campus on 9361 5300 or Hillside Campus on 9361 5400.


Sydenham-Hillside Primary School's enrolment policy is inline with the Department of Education and Training's enrolment policy that requires students to attend their closest school within their designated neighbourhood area.


Enrolments must be completed, signed and returned to our office with the following original documents which will be copied by the School:

  • Proof of residential location (eg Rates notice, utilities notice)
  • Your child's Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation Certificate (showing full immunisation to age 5) obtained from Medicare
  • Passport, if born overseas


This is a Department of Education and Training requirement. Enrolment forms will not be accepted without birth details.


For families arriving from overseas, school entry is determined by the Visa Subclass Number on your child's Passport. Students unable to enrol directly into the School can enrol via the International Education Division. Please contact them on 03 9637 2990, by email on international@edumail.vic.gov.au or visit their website on www.study.vic.gov.au for further information.


If you have any questions concerning enrolments, please feel free to contact us.


Enrolment Policy


Designated Neighbourhood Area Map


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